Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At YourAdGrants™, our mission is to empower social ventures changing the world. In order to live fully into our mission, we must build the strongest, highest performing team possible. In order to build a best-in-class team and realize our true collective impact, we must empower our own internal team first and foremost. That’s why we view diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as mission critical here at YourAdGrants™ and it is why we are committed to investing, accelerating, reporting and educating on the progress of our own internal DEI efforts.

Our Commitments

Diversity, equity and inclusion accelerates our ability to scale social impact both internally and externally. Our DEI efforts spark inspiration and are a catalyst for faster innovation.

Our vision is that the YourAdGrants™ team is a reflection of the world and people we serve and support.

  • Our team should see themselves in our policies and practices. 
  • We drive processes to analyze and close out pay disparities and commit to transparency internally on how decisions are made.

At YourAdGrants™ we are committed to making a stand and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities.

  • We are committed to requiring leadership training and providing educational opportunities teamwide.
  • We are committed to sourcing feedback from team members and creating actionable plans to continuously improve our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
  • We will utilize an internal DEI committee to consult YourAdGrants™ leaders on how to process business decisions through a DEI lens.
  • We commit to taking swift and meaningful action when harm is done.

Our DEI Inspiration

We are humbled and honored to work with so many inspiring organization’s that are pioneering excellence in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and they inspire us daily.

Want to Collaborate on DEI efforts with YourAdGrants™?

While we are committed to tremendously scaling social impact by working with 1,000+ amazing causes, arguably some of the deepest impact we can make in the world starts by empowering our own team first and being the change we want to see in the world.

We can’t promise we’ll always get our DEI efforts right, but we can promise that our goal is to always put our people and partners first. We are looking forward to sharing our journey, progress, learnings and challenges and we would love to collaborate with you!

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